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Maritime attorneys deal with salvage law (Titan Salvage - listed employers), Jones
Act litigation, cargo claims, personal injury & wrongful death lawsuits, seaworthiness
lawsuits (or product liability), criminal prosecutions and civil lawsuits. Legal rights of
mariners, seamen's advocacy, is a cause of the
Seamen's Church Institute whose
simulator was used in examining the
maritime accident involving the Exxon Valez .
Some of the academies listed in our education section offer admiralty and maritime
law electives.
Tulane University Law School and McGill Law School have maritime
law course work. However, a law degree (JD degree - doctor of jurisprudence) is
standard and most law schools offer the JD degree, as well as LLM master of laws.
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Although this site is about maritime jobs, it's probably no surprise that there are not
many maritime attorney jobs -
How to Become a Maritime Lawyer Without Even Trying
Salvage Law
Law schools specializing in maritime law will usually offer courses in their law
curriculum on the legal subject of marine salvage. A salvage lawsuit arises when a
party makes a claim that they should receive a monetary or equivalent award for
their efforts in coming to the assistance of a vessel in distress in a marine peril.
Salvage law has three elements:
1. There must be a peril
2. The actions of the rescuer must be voluntary
3. The rescuer must be successful in saving the stricken vessel
When the liner Andrea Doria collided with the Stockholm in July of
1956, the legal disputes were handled through arbitration. Arbitration
is one of the techniques for alternate dispute resolution taught in law
schools. Law schools run moot trial competitions to develop the trial
advocacy skills of law students. As well as these mock trials, law
schools also provide law students a chance to stage mock
arbitrations to test their alternative dispute resolution skills.
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