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Maritime Jobs in Other Places
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Jobs In Other Places

You've spoken and
we've listened. You've
told us it's great to have
a place to find job
postings for mates on
tugs, estimators in
shipyards, engineers
on ferries, or beverage
managers on cruise
ships. You've also told
us that the maritime
industry has other
areas we shouldn't
ignore. You pointed out
that there are plenty of
good jobs in
recreational boating,
insurance, port security,
ship design, port
education and more.
Well, we decided to
take your wishes to
heart and give it a whirl.
Check out what we
have and let us know if
you think it's useful. If
you think we still left
something out, we're all
Who's looking now...

Kwajalein Range Services seeks a
1600 mate and other positions at its
Marshall Islands missile range.

Port Security Coordinator is sought
by the Port Authority of New York
and New Jersey.

Engineering Tech on Deep Sea
is sought by the Woods
Whole Oceanographic Institute.

Security Officer  is sought by Queen
Mary, a hotel and restaurant resort
operating on the retired liner

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