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Deck Question
Initial stability
of a vessel may
be improved by _________ .

removing loose water
b. adding weight low in the
c. closing crossover valves
between partly filled double
bottom tanks
d. All of the above
Maritime IQ

What is
sous chef ?
Government Employers

Government Job Titles
One reason the government
sector has become more
popular in recent times is
because of downturns in
other sectors of the marine
industry. Although
government jobs have
always been attractive
because of their payscales,
benefits, and opportunity for
advancement, they have
seen greater attention these
Another reason for the
popularity of the government
sector is that these jobs are
usually associated with
decent benefits. Maybe no
one thought twice about
having to someday make
contributions to a company
health insurance plan, but no
one ever foresaw how those
expenses would go through
the roof. Things like full
medical, dental, eye-care
plans and the like are big
draws for the civil service.
Government jobs aboard US Military Sealift Command vessels definitely have their
advantages...  single staterooms even for junior crew members, overtime opportunities,
and nice amenities in crew staterooms. Read about life on the civilian side of the
replenishment drill aboard the
Government Vessel Robert E. Peary.
Aside from the stability, an attractive aspect of government jobs is the benefits
packages. With the rising cost of providing things like health and dental insurance,
vision plans, pension plans, paid training, it is difficult for small fleet operators to offer
these things.
A growing in the government sector is in the area of government security jobs. The
image above captures the trials of underway fleet replenishment, a role of the
Sealift Command . The U.S. Coast Guard Academy post various positions, including
Lecturer-Electrical Engineer. See
Jobs at the US Coast Guard Academy
Trivia: What is a
two hold ship
What is Homesteading? It's when you realize you've got a good gig on a ship and do what you
can to stay onboard, sometimes in the same stateroom for years at a time. It's a phenomenon you
won't see on rusting bulk carriers flying flags of convenience, operated by greedy shipowners
operating under the Military Sealift Command, you'll see it a lot. Government salaried officers and
crew on these vessels enjoy single staterooms, television sets, video games and opportunities for
overtime work. Read more about life in this government sector below. Photo: Underway
replenishment of the USS Blue Ridge by the Military Sealift Command vessel Walter Diehl.