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Engine Question
On a vessel with turbo-electric
drive, which of the following
conditions would indicate that
the propulsion motor had
dropped out of synchronization
with the propulsion generator?

Excessive vibration of the
b. Tripped main motor interlocks
c. Overheater crosstie busses
d. Closed contract in the field

What are PCBs ?
Hospitals, electric
generating stations and
other engineering
facilities seek former
merchant marine or navy
experience (especially
nuclear navy experience
departments of aircraft
carriers and nuclear
submarines for
operating pressurized
water reactor plants for
power generation).

Con Edison, a major
New York employer with
has openings in steam
operations and other
departments related to
steam and power
production. Click
jobs in
other places and select
the Con Edison title box
to learn more.
Engine Question

Why is
preferred over
power for
driving heavy
machinery on drilling rigs?
more fuel efficient
b. lighter
c. less maintenance
d. more flexible
Astronomy Question

What is the name of this
northern constellation?
Astronomy Answer
east coast shipyards
Many people believe that piracy was something that started with the April 2009 attack
on the
Maersk Alabama. Professional mariners are well aware of earlier incidents
involving the
Faina or Sirius Star (above). Overall, security is a growing industry and
we feature links to a few
government maritime security jobs on the gov't jobs page.
Who's Hiring Now
Although the economy is dismal and our strongest sentiments seem to be those of
uncertainty these days, let's not lose hope. It's been good to have your company during
these times (and we apologize if we haven't been able to personally respond to you due
to the volume of mail). Good luck.     
Additional Who's Hiring Now Resources.
It’s not just off Somalia. Ships and large yachts (jobs on megayachts) have been
attacked by pirates in the Straights of Malacca, South China Sea, and Caribbean.
Something new...  OOCL - Jobs with a Chinese container line. A second November
2009 attack was deterred by the shipboard security contingent armed with automatic
weapons. Read the
New York Times coverage of the incident.
Some of the Maersk Alabama's crew have alleged negligence in the handling of
pirate warnings.
Alert - new postings at Matson Navigation Company. Although piracy
isn’t a concern for brown water mariners on the Mississippi (see,
accessible from
tugboat jobs page), it remains a concern for long distance ocean
voyagers. A controversial aspect of maritime security measures is the arming of
civilian merchant mariners. Shifting gears...  where do ships go when their careers
are over...  to
recycling and reclamation centers. Something New... We're asked about
maritime law jobs and there just aren't too many leads in that narrow sector, but there
are a few leads at the maritime
paralegal, legal assistant and attorney jobs page.
Click Additional Who's Hiring Now for more current job resources.
Animation depicting how the frozen compressed air supply
caused the the terrible loss.
lic.2.5 attribution.anynobody
On April 10, 1963, the nuclear submarine USS Thresher was lost with all hands during tests off
New England. As tragic as the event was, it was perhaps equally sad that an air drier in the
outlet side of the compressor could have prevented the disaster. During the order to blow
ballast from the tanks, compressed air did what it always tends to do in classic thermodynamic
fashion... it gets colder as it passes through and orifice and expands. In doing so, it froze in the
strainers admitting compressed air to the ballast tanks.
On subsequent submarines, this led to the installation of air driers on the discharge sides of air
compressors. If there is any consolation to come from this tragic catastrophe, it might be that
the lessons learned could serve to prevent such an event from happening again to other
members of silent services of the world. Engineers, scientists, technicians, maintenance, field
service people who are interested the operation and maintenance of compressors, air driers
and auxiliary equipment could consider looking into job opportunities at
Ingersoll Rand, one of
the giants in the compressed air and industry.
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Wishing you fair winds in your
career search!

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Blount Boats builds steel and aluminum vessels and features a number of new positions. Click
the link above to visit their website.
Noble Corporation offers positions in the offshore drilling industry.
Heerema Marine Contractors lists a number of new openings
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