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What was the fastest nuclear-powered ship? There are stories about the nuclear
Enterprise doing 40 knots or the nuclear cruiser Bainbridge (above) always
beating other ships in Trans-Pacific races. Sea stories about fast ships will always
persist, but an
Electrician's Mate - Nuclear Dept writes nicely about it in Speed Thrills.  
Atomic Energy experience can be applied in Bettis Atomic Labs . Navy veterans with
nuclear submarine reactor experience could check out opportunities covering nuclear
physicists, radiation detection, radiated water disposal at
Nuclear Job.
A major employer in nuclear energy is Westinghouse Nuclear , at Other Employers
Page. Given the use of Westinghouse S6G Pressurized Water Reactors in attack
subs and S8G Pressurized Water Reactors in ballistic missile subs, the
Westinghouse name needs no introduction among former reactor operators
additional opportunities
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U.S.S. Bainbridge commissioning Oct. 6, 1962 - Navy Photo
The picture below serves as an interesting study of how much things can change in
One of the big draws for veterans
with atomic energy backgrounds